Yoga Mala – A yoga studio located in the heart of Singapore

Who are we?

With an emphasis on breathing techniques and meditation, Yoga Mala practices thoughtful and reflexive yoga to promote both physical and mental well-being. At Yoga Mala, we have studied and now, brought together many of the world’s greatest yoga and spiritual traditions, uniting this wisdom into a comprehensive framework within today’s lifestyle contexts.

Yoga Studio Services

Our yoga studio offers varying styles of yoga classes that range from traditional Hatha, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Pranayama, and Meditation, etc. We also provide Yoga Teacher Training, Private Yoga Consultations, Private & Corporate Yoga Classes, Corporate Meditation, and Health & Wellness Classes, etc.

Yoga Studio Services

Our yoga studio offers varying styles of yoga classes that range from traditional Hatha, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Pranayama, and Meditation, etc. We also provide Yoga Teacher Training, Private Yoga Consultations, Private & Corporate Yoga Classes, Corporate Meditation, and Health & Wellness Classes, etc.

Yoga Mala – The Concept

  • A mala is a string of beads or garland that strings together individual beads through a common thread, towards a common purpose.
  • Each of these beads still retains its individuality in terms of shape and quality, where disparate individuals are brought together with the different disciplines of yoga, and the varying needs of the human psyche – body, mind, and emotions – are addressed.
  • A mala is a tool that is used to create a single point of focus in the mind, creating greater awareness and a consciousness of the self.

Why Chose Us?

Yoga Mala stands for more than simply a commercial enterprise. We wish to offer the highest quality in Yoga


Yoga is More Than Just Exercise

Because you are much more than just a body. Our classes help you cultivate good health and fitness.


Experience Matters

Yoga Mala is blessed to have experienced yoga instructors.


Manageable Class Size

At Yoga Mala, the studio size is maintained for an intimacy of instruction and learning in group classes.


Centrally Located in Singapore

Our Yoga Studio is just a 3-minute walk from Raffles Place MRT and 7 minutes away from Clarke Quay MRT.


Cozy Yoga Studio

We pride our-self on our yoga studio’s cozy & home-like atmosphere.


Flexible Membership Plan

We believe in flexibility so we offer a variety of options to choose from daily, weekly, and yearly membership plans.

Our Instructors

The secret of our success

Raj Yogamala Singapore

Rajesh Raushan

Principle Yoga Instructor

Rajesh was born and educated in New Delhi, India. more

He obtained D.Y.Ed. (Diploma in Yoga Education) from the renowned school of Yoga G.S.College of Yoga & Cultural Synthesis, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla, Pune (Maharastra), India. Since then he has been a student of Yoga for 20 years and is still constantly expanding his interest in related studies like Naturopath, Acupressure, and Reiki.

Rajesh also accredited ERYT 500 with the Yoga Alliance, USA. He has achieved 17 years of experience in teaching Yoga and Yoga therapy in India and Internationally.

Raj Yogamala Singapore


Yoga Instructor

Mien is a qualified & accredited yoga teacher who has been teaching yoga since 2011. more

She is equally at ease teaching a basic or an advance yoga class, and highly enjoys guiding Yoga Nidra and Meditation sessions. She believes that yoga, when practiced with awareness, creates change in the individual and restores one to a state of balance, peace and​ equanimity. Her greatest satisfaction in teaching is seeing students finding relaxation after every class.

She enjoys Yogic philosophy as well, and teaches the Theory and Philosophy section in the Teacher Training Course. Her teachers are her greatest source of strength and inspiration. To maintain awareness in everyday life is her work in progress.

Raj Yogamala Singapore


Yoga Instructor

Krunal is certified in Anti-gravity yoga teacher and Master in Yoga. more

He combines his knowledge of various aspects of yoga in a teaching style that integrates therapeutic body alignment, rhythmic flow, expansion of breath and vital energy, concentration, meditation, positive mental outlook and proper rest. Krunal has won numerous yoga championships in his early age. During khel mahakumbh 2010, he was recognised and awarded by Indian PM Narendra Modi. He promotes yoga as a way of holistic lifestyle and most important of all he has been a life-long yoga practitioner.

Raj Yogamala Singapore


Yoga Instructor

Melissa has been practicing yoga since 2012. She was a certified yoga teacher since 2015. more

In 2016, when she was 24-weeks pregnant, she joined Jennifer More’s Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali to learn and feel the benefits of prenatal yoga on her pregnant body. It geared her up for labour and was spared from back pain during pregnancy. When she moved to Singapore in 2019, she decided to join the 200-Hr YTT at Yoga Mala Singapore to deepen her understanding and hone her teaching skills.

For Melissa, being a yoga teacher is more than just giving cues for poses; it’s about giving positive impact to the lives of those who join her class. It can be on the physical level which relate to their health or non-physical level which relate to the peace of mind. Nothing can compare to the contentment of leading a yoga class, especially seeing the students’ relaxed and happy faces after practice.

Meet Our Customers

Let’s hear what our customers have to say

Ayan Sircar


Mimie Tav Cutomer Yoga Mala Yoga Studio Singapore

Mimie Tav


Jingru Ong


Sobia Nusrat


Classes are simple yet thoughtfully designed with the opportunity to learn newer concepts. Thanks to the lovely teachers.

Rediscover my strength, peace, and potential. I did not look for any place to just do physical exercise. Rather, I tried to find a place where I can grow further.

Class size was very small and the instructor gave very detailed guidance to each of us based on our different levels of experience.

Improvement in self. Yoga Mala’s YTT course helped me to improve my understanding of yoga, my teaching techniques, and body awareness. The course was helped to better prepare me to be a yoga instructor. It was a great blend of practice and theory.

Frequently asked questions

New to Yoga? What do I need to know?

What are the benefits of doing yoga?

The practice of yoga includes a holistic approach to health. It includes practices that benefit the mind, body, and soul. The benefits tend to be very subtle in the initial days, however, they become more visible over a period of time as the practice of yoga becomes a way of life.

I am not flexible. Can I still do yoga?

Who said that you need to be flexible to do yoga? Rome wasn’t built in a day and everyone starts from somewhere. Get rid of that misconception and come join us for a yoga session! You can witness firsthand how the practice makes you more flexible instead.

Do I have to be a vegetarian to practice yoga?

The answer to this question is twofold. The decision to converting to vegetarianism before joining yoga is the sole decision of the person who would be practicing yoga as it is not a hard and fast rule that one has to be a vegetarian before he/she can begin to learn or practice yoga. However, one of the basic principles of yoga is ‘Ahimsa’, which in literal terms means not harming oneself or others. It is best to first take into account your personal health issues as well as how your choices will affect those with whom you live.

What is the minimum age to start yoga?

The minimum age requirement is 15 years.

Contact us and let us help you to lead a healthy life

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Corona Advisory


 Mask to be worn at all times, except during class. 


For hygiene reasons, please bring your own yoga towel to line the mat in class. You may rent for $1 from the studio.


Safe distancing to be observed at all times during class. Online classes are offered in addition to onsite classes. 


Please be responsible and take the necessary precautions for the well-being of all.


Due to reduced class sizes, the cancellation window is now 2 hours before.


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