Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hours Yoga Alliance Accredited

 Early Bird Price @ $2490

*Offer ends 2 months before the programme commences

Upcoming programme start dates:
Full Time: 02 September & 11 November 2019
Part Time: 16 August & 08 November 2019

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

85 Hours Yoga Alliance Accredited Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Course

Upcoming programme dates:
To be announced

Aerial Yoga

It works with gravity to Relax and Realign the body, Center the mind, Uplift the spirit.

Singapore River Festival 2019

In yoga, we learn to flow like the river and to observe life flowing along with it. We learn not to hold on to events in our lives as change is the only constant.

May we learn to flow like the river and be greatly enriched by it. 

Yoga Mala joins in the river festivities at the Singapore River Festival 2019!
Purchase any of these special passes during the River Festival:

1| Yoga Mala River Festival 7 Weeks Meditation Course

2|  Yoga Mala 9 Weekends Class Pass (1 Class/week)

*T&C Applies
Yoga Mala Singapore



Daily practice will incorporate posture alignment, breathing exercises and meditation to make you feel healthier in body, mind and spirit in a full spectrum practice.
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Yoga Mala Singapore



Yoga Mala Yoga Studio is located at Boat Quay, overlooking the Singapore river.Yoga Mala prides itself on its cosy, home-like atmosphere.
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Yoga Mala Singapore



The team is dedicated and passionate about sharing and inspiring others with the wisdom of yoga in Singapore in a down-to-earth and practical manner.
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Classes are simple

yet thoughtfully designed with the opportunity to learn newer concepts. Thanks to the lovely teachers. Ayan-Sircar at Yoga Mala Singapore

Ayan Sircar | Singapore

Rediscover my strength,

peace and potential. I did not look for any place to just do physical exercise. Rather, I tired to find a place where I can grow further. Mimie-Tav at Yoga Mala Singapore

Mimie Tav | Singapore

Class size was very small

and the instructor gave very detailed guidance to each of us based on our different level of experience. Jingru-Ong at Yoga Mala Singapore

Jingru Ong | Singapore

Improvement in self

Yoga Mala’s YTT course helped me to improve my understanding of yoga, my teaching techniques and body awareness. The course was helped to better prepare me to be a yoga instructor. It was a great blend of practice and theory. Sobia Nusrat at Yoga Mala Singapore

Sobia Nusrat | Singapore

Gained knowledge, experienced instructors

I gained great knowledge on asanas, pranayamas and also confidence in my own practice through Yoga Mala’s YTT course. The instructors are experienced and encouraging. Tina Tan at Yoga Mala Singapore

Tina Tan | Singapore

Our Services

Yoga Mala offers variety of group Yoga Classes ranging from Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga to Pranayama and Meditation.  Check our daily schedule for more information.

Yoga Mala’s Training Programmes are recognised and accredited by the Yoga Alliance USA, enabling you to become a Registered Yoga Teacher with them.

Yoga at work is proven to build team-work, improve work performance, raise staff morale and build resilience to cope with stressful times. We offer a wide range of programmes, tailored to your needs.

Enquire for personalised sessions. Personal sessions range from posture correction, learning yoga at your own pace,  yoga therapy, meditation, health programmes and achieving personal goals.

Enquire for private group sessions. Personal sessions range from posture correction, learning yoga with your friends and family, yoga for special events and more.

Yoga Mala Package Rates

Yoga Studio










Yoga Sutras - Vikalpa : Delusion / Imagination / Fancy Shabda-jnaanaanupaatii-vastu-shoonyo vikalpah  Verbal delusion is caused by the identification with words that have no basis in reality.   Commentary by Swami Vishnudevananda   “Verbal delusion is the...

Yoga for Health : Sciatica

Sciatica refers to a sharp, lightning-like pain which shoots down the back of the leg. It occurs if the herniating material from a ruptured lumbar spinal disc impinges on the delicate nerve roots emerging from the lower three lumbar and first two sacral segments of...

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