Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga – Yoga is a wonderful way to bond with your
baby while he/she is in the womb.Yoga helps
prepare pregnant mother’s body and
mind for the birth of her child.


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Aerial Yoga

Yoga Mala Aerial Yoga Class works with
gravity to Relax and Realign the body,
Center the mind, Uplift the spirit.


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Yoga Teacher Training Singapore

200 Hours Yoga Alliance Accredited
$2680* (Early Bird Price)
Call or Text : +65 84981649
Email :
Venue : 49A, Circular road, Singapore 049404


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Yoga Mala - Yoga in Singapore

Why Yoga?

Yoga makes you feel better. Its daily practice will incorporate posture alignment, breathing exercises and meditation to make you feel healthier in body, mind and spirit in a full spectrum practice.

Yoga Studio in Singapore


Yoga Mala is located at Boat Quay, overlooking the Singapore river. This studio prides itself on its cosy, home-like atmosphere. Studio size is maintained for an intimacy of instruction and learning in group classes.

Yoga Mala - Yoga Studio in Singapore has quality yoga instructors

Yoga Instructors

The team is dedicated and passionate about sharing and inspiring others with the wisdom of yoga in Singapore in a down-to-earth and practical manner. Come join us for a class today to meet our inspiring teachers.

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Yoga Studio










Ayan Sircar
Ayan Sircar Singapore
Classes are simple, yet thoughtfully designed with the opportunity to learn newer concepts. Thanks to the lovely teachers for making Yoga more interactive and an enjoyable habit out of us.
Mimie Tav
Mimie Tav Singapore
I did not look for any place to just do physical exercise. Rather, I tired to find a place where I can grow further. And I found this place. Thank you for the classes that help me rediscover my strength, peace and potential. Thank you for the space which is simple but full with good energy.
Jingru Ong
Jingru Ong Singapore
Class size was very small and the instructor gave very detailed guidance to each of us based on our different level of experience. He was encouraging to get us to challenge our limits but not at all pushy. Studio is simple but well-maintained and sufficient with facilities like shower toiletries, lockers and even hair dryers. A very pleasant experience!!

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