“The longest journey of any person is the journey inward”

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200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training @ $ 1699*

Full Time: 03 Jan, 01 Mar 2023
Part-Time: 06 Jan, 14 Apr 2023                                                   *Condition apply

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

Full Time:  2 Feb -14 Feb 2023 (Mon-Fri)
Part Time: 17 Mar – 2 Apr 2023 (Fri-Sat-Sun)

Why Yoga?

Daily practice of Yoga will incorporate posture alignment, breathing exercises and meditation to make you feel healthier in body, mind and spirit in a full spectrum practice.

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Yoga Studio?

Yoga Mala Yoga Studio is located at Boat Quay, overlooking the Singapore river. Yoga Mala prides itself on its cosy, home-like atmosphere.

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The team is dedicated and passionate about sharing and inspiring others with the wisdom of yoga in Singapore in a down-to-earth and practical manner.

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Yoga Mala offers a variety of services related to Yoga Classes, Yoga Teacher Programmes, etc.

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Daily Yoga

Yoga Mala offers a variety of group Yoga Classes ranging from Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga to Pranayama and Meditation.  Check our daily schedule for more information.
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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Mala’s Training Programmes are recognised and accredited by the Yoga Alliance USA, enabling you to become a Registered Yoga Teacher with them.

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Yoga at work is proven to build teamwork, improve work performance, raise staff morale and build resilience to cope with stressful times. We offer a wide range of programmes, tailored to your needs.

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Personal Sessions

Enquire for personalised sessions. Personal sessions range from posture correction, learning yoga at your own pace,  yoga therapy, meditation, health programmes and achieving personal goals.

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Enquire for private group sessions. Personal sessions range from posture correction, learning yoga with your friends and family, yoga for special events and more.

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Yoga Studio

Yoga Mala Studio is centrally located at Boat Quay, overlooking the Singapore River. We pride ourself on our yoga studio’s cosy and home-like atmosphere.










Amrita Feistyang
Amrita Feistyang
Good space with good classes. Good location. Friendly and helpful teachers.
Motomi Shimozawa下澤素美
Motomi Shimozawa下澤素美
I have just completed my 200 YTT course at Yoga Mala. Raj and Krunal are the best yoga teachers that I have ever met. It was a privilege for me to learn Yoga from both of them. One morning, we had a pranayama, breathing skill, lesson on the grass near the river. It was so refreshing and it helped me to understand Yoga more. I also liked to listen to many stories from Raj and Krunal, who had a lot of experiences and knowledge. Through this course, I have leaned more of Yoga than I expected. As Raj said, I am going to digest slowly what I learned there.
Just completed my 200H Hatha Vinyasa YTT and I'm so glad I chose Yoga Mala! I originally chose the YTT for its very reasonable price and focus on anatomy, but came away with way more: a lovely batch of new friends, an introduction to the holistic mental, spiritual and physical practice of yoga (philosophy, anatomy, history), and of course way better alignment. Thank you Raj and Krunal for being patient, thorough and fun teachers who really practise what they preach and inspire me to teach yoga in the most authentic way possible. I really enjoyed anatomical explorations with Raj, learning how the asanas, pranayama, and other branches fit into yogic philosophy, and realising how to deepen my poses in Krunal's energetic and detailed classes. I would recommend the studio to anyone and am hoping to be back soon! (:
Zimille Anne-Marie
Zimille Anne-Marie
I just completed my YTT 200 and the smaller group during this period was nice. Raj and Krunal know Yoga from the roots and this is what I was looking for. We did not only focus on asanas but also we learned pranayama practices (breathing practices), yoga philosophy, history and yoga lifestyle. Raj was really patient, good teacher, knowledgeable and specialist in pranayama practices. Krunal is a very good yoga teacher especially in ashtanga. Overall good quality of class, teacher professional and knowledgeable, very good value for money. Highly recommended.
huei ling
huei ling
I have just completed my YTT200 with Yoga Mala. It was a nice experience, and the class was conducted in a much smaller group which would allow the instructor, Rajesh to focus on candidates more. Rajesh was knowledgeable and patient throughout in yoga classes. Not just focus on asana but he also explained all the anatomy, pranayama, and yoga Nidra throughout all the classes. Rajesh is also specialised in pranayama exercises, the yoga breath controlling technique which helps us in keeping us connected to our breath. I personally find it very helpful to reduce my anxiety in various ways. I am glad that I attended and completed my YTT200 with Yoga Mala. Yoga Mala YTT course offers extraordinary value for money. Yoga Mala is the best choice for both YTT and yoga classes. Highly recommended.
Amanda Boydell
Amanda Boydell
Classes: Unlike many studios in Singapore, Yoga Mala really provides a unique offering - Yoga classes in small class sizes with very experienced teachers at a great price with bright and airy studios and a central location. I always walk away from class feeling refreshed and that I've learned so much. The classes are great for beginners and there is great focus on alignment and posture. Mien's intermediate class is also really challenging and great for those who are trying to level up. I also love the Yoga Nidra classes as there are very few studios that offer this - pure relaxation and great for those new to meditation as well. Highly recommend you give the classes a try. YTT 200: I completed the YTT training at Yoga Mala with Raj and Mien in March. What a truly rewarding experience. Both teachers were extremely knowledgeable, patient and offered constructive feedback. I feel like my practice improved 10x and have been given the confidence and boost to start my teacher journey. There is so much more to learn but I feel that Yoga Mala has really given me the best foundation, and I would argue better than any other studios in Singapore. If you want to learn more about the theory and history, different styles of yoga and really deepen your meditation practices along with your asana practice- I can't recommend Yoga Mala enough!
Jeanne Teen (Jeanne)
Jeanne Teen (Jeanne)
I have completed 200hrs YTT with Raj and Mien and graduated in Oct 2019. The YTT comprises the practice of Asana, Pranayama, Anatomy, Chanting, Meditation, Yama & Niyama, Yoga philosophy. We need to complete a daily journal, 10 yoga observation classes, 10 teachings, and exams. Raj is very knowledgeable in Asana and Anatomy. Raj is a strict yoga instructor. He respects the principle and originality of yoga. The development of yoga has been greatly influenced by dance moves and other factors, and Raj explained it to us how the posture has changed and what is the most primitive way of practicing yoga. Mien is specializing in Yoga Philosophy and Theory. It's really interesting to understand Yoga from another perspective, where we are not only practicing physically but it is also to understanding and improving our mental and spiritual self. I truly appreciate every lessons and time spent in Yoga Mala. Namaste.
ReiTing SS
ReiTing SS
This is my first time yoga - prenatal yoga. I have been follow through Raj's class the whole pregnancy, I must say the entire experience is really nice. Overall I have not experienced any swollen hands and feet and able to maintain good energy level. Lady at the counter is friendly too, she makes you felt warm and welcome everytime.

Plans & Packages

Yoga Mala offers a variety of package rates and membership plans

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1 Week Trial Pass for new students
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1 Month of Unlimited



50 Class Card
Valid for 1 Year

Corona Advisory


 Mask to be worn at all times, except during class. 


For hygiene reasons, please bring your own yoga towel to line the mat in class. You may rent for $1 from the studio.


Safe distancing to be observed at all times during class. Online classes are offered in addition to onsite classes. 


Please be responsible and take the necessary precautions for the well-being of all.


Due to reduced class sizes, the cancellation window is now 2 hours before.


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